Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Market Report: Houses - March 2024


The latest market report for houses in Puerto Vallarta, as of March 2024, showcases a diverse landscape of trends and data for buyers, sellers, and investors. This detailed analysis, based on full MLS data, captures the nuances of the housing market, highlighting key movements and potential opportunities in one of Mexico's most sought-after destinations.

Key Findings

  • Active Listings: The market saw a total of 503 active listings in March 2024, indicating a robust selection for potential buyers. This represents a significant year-over-year increase, reflecting a growing inventory in the housing market.

  • Sold Listings: The number of houses sold experienced…

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Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Market Report - CONDOS: March 2024


The Puerto Vallarta real estate market continues to captivate buyers, sellers, and investors with its dynamic landscape. Our comprehensive market report for March 2024, derived from full MLS data, offers in-depth analysis and insights into the trends that have shaped the market over the past month and year. This report is designed to inform and guide decision-making, showcasing the resilience and opportunities within the Puerto Vallarta and surrounding city markets.

Year-over-Year and Monthly Overview

  • Active Listings: We've observed a significant increase in active listings from March 2023 to March 2024, indicating a more robust inventory for buyers. The total…

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Exploring the Best Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Opportunities

Indulge in the opulent lifestyle you've always dreamed of with the best Puerto Vallarta real estate opportunities. Experience the epitome of luxury living in one of Mexico's most stunning coastal destinations. With its pristine beaches, vibrant culture, and world-class amenities,

Puerto Vallarta offers an unparalleled experience for those seeking a life of extravagance and relaxation. Immerse yourself in the exquisite charm of this picturesque city, renowned for its breathtaking sunsets and charming cobblestone streets. From lavish oceanfront villas to sophisticated condominiums, the Puerto Vallarta real estate market presents a wealth of options to suit your discerning tastes and…

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Exploring the Puerto Vallarta MLS on MexicoLife.com

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Why Choose Puerto Vallarta for Your Next Home?

The Endless Charm of Puerto Vallarta

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As we close the chapter on 2023 and step into the fresh beginnings of 2024, it's pivotal to look back and understand the shifts and trends in the real estate market. In this recap, we delve into the year-long journey of two distinct property types: condos and houses. The insights presented here are drawn from comprehensive market data, including active listings, sales performance, pricing trends, and more, offering a clear picture of the past year's real estate dynamics.

Condos: A Snapshot of Resilience and Growth

The condo market in 2023 showcased a remarkable resilience and an upward trajectory in pricing, despite the fluctuations in listings and sales. Starting the year with 1,254 active listings in January and peaking at 1,750 by December, the…

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Why Median Home Sales Price Is Confusing Right Now

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) is set to release its most recent Existing Home Sales (EHS) report tomorrow. This monthly release provides information on the volume of sales and price trends for homes that have previously been owned. In the upcoming release, it’ll likely say home prices are down. This may seem a bit confusing, especially if you’ve been following along and reading the blogs saying home prices have hit the bottom and have since rebounded.

So, why would this say home prices are falling when so many other price reports say they’re going back up? It all depends on the methodology of each one. NAR reports on the median home sales price, while some other sources use repeat…

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People Want Less Expensive Homes – And Builders Are Responding

In today’s housing market, two main affordability challenges impact buyers: mortgage rates that are higher than they’ve been the past couple of years, and rising home prices caused by low inventory. To overcome those challenges, many people are working with their agents to find less expensive homes. And with newly built homes making up a historically large percentage of the total available inventory today, that search often includes brand new homes.

People Are Spending Less on Newly Built Homes

The graph below uses the latest information from the Census to show in June, more of the newly built home sales in this country were in lower price ranges than in 2022:Last year, only 58%…

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Some Highlights

  • Today’s housing inventory is still well below more normal years.
  • This low inventory is why homes that are priced right are still selling quickly and seeing multiple offers.
  • If you want to sell your house, now is a great time because inventory is still low. Let’s connect to start the process.

The Puerto Vallarta housing market in recent years has been characterized by a phenomenon that's turning into a golden opportunity for homeowners looking to sell - the persisting low housing inventory. It's a stark change, a deviation from the abundance of choices that once defined the housing landscape.

This limited supply of Puerto Vallarta homes for sale, coupled with robust demand driven by…

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Strap on your sombrero and prepare to salsa, because we've just discovered that Mexico tops the charts as the most desired live-and-work abroad destination! This fantastic fiesta-fact comes courtesy of Internations, the networking nook for those who love mixing business with pleasure in foreign lands.

Get this: an astounding 90% of expats in Mexico are just beaming with happiness! That's totally outshining the global grin-o-meter, which stands at 72%.

So, you're wondering, "how do you measure this joy, exactly?" Well, the aptly-named "Expat Insider" report has the 411. It rates 53 fabulous locales on five dimensions: quality of life, ease of getting cozy in your new crib, professional life, personal finance, and a cool collection called “expat…

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Real Estate Market Report - JUNE 2023

To see all of our market areas individually, please visit mex.me/reports

Executive Summary - CONDOS

The current real estate market for Condos has experienced significant shifts over the past year, culminating in an intriguing landscape for potential investors, buyers, and sellers alike. The current status quo reveals an uptick in list and sale prices compared to the same period last year, with a decrease in days on the market.

Key Market Indicators

  • Absorption Rate: It has seen a rise of 44.71% from June 2022 to June 2023, reaching 10.81. This year-to-date figure is slightly lower than the previous year, hinting at a minor slowdown in sales pace.

  • Average List Price: The average list price…

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