Strap on your sombrero and prepare to salsa, because we've just discovered that Mexico tops the charts as the most desired live-and-work abroad destination! This fantastic fiesta-fact comes courtesy of Internations, the networking nook for those who love mixing business with pleasure in foreign lands.

Get this: an astounding 90% of expats in Mexico are just beaming with happiness! That's totally outshining the global grin-o-meter, which stands at 72%.

So, you're wondering, "how do you measure this joy, exactly?" Well, the aptly-named "Expat Insider" report has the 411. It rates 53 fabulous locales on five dimensions: quality of life, ease of getting cozy in your new crib, professional life, personal finance, and a cool collection called “expat essentials." This one's a cocktail of crucial elements like housing, administration, language skills, and staying wired in our hyper-digital world.

And Mexico? It's aces all around! From settling in to meeting friendly locals to building a community, it's like sliding into a comfy pair of well-worn jeans. The rich culture and affordable living make it a top pick, and while its political stability might wobble, expats are too caught up in exploring the country's enticing leisure options to care.

Next in line is the ever-charming Spain, where a stunning 87% of expats are dancing to the rhythm of life, thanks to the region's relaxed vibes and perfect weather. Job prospects may not always make everyone jump with joy, but hey, who could resist the work-life balance it offers?

Sitting pretty at the third spot, we've got Panama, with its friendliness, personal finance security, and a bucketful of satisfied expats.

Ready for the top 10 roster of best places for expats? Check these out:

  1. Mexico 
  2. Spain 
  3. Panama 
  4. Malaysia 
  5. Taiwan 
  6. Thailand 
  7. Costa Rica 
  8. Philippines 
  9. Bahrain 
  10. Portugal 

Each of these locales excels in friendliness, smooth transitions, fun times, and work-life harmony. Career opportunities? Perhaps not their strongest suit, but hey, it's all about balance!

For the work-driven wanderers, Taiwan's the go-to destination, thanks to its job security, robust economy, and equitable compensation.

Moreover, many of these places – including Mexico, Spain, Panama, and Portugal – offer digital nomad visas, effectively creating a siren song for global remote workers looking for a change.

In contrast, Kuwait, Norway, Turkey, South Korea, and Germany rank lower in expat preferences. Settling in and making friends appears to be tricky in these countries, and expats in Turkey and South Korea seem a tad unhappy with the demanding work culture.

And there you have it! Pack your bags, folks – it's time to make this big, beautiful world your home!


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