Nightmare Bucerias/Flamingos Pool Installation: The Shocking Truth Revealed

We're pretty ticked off about the lousy service we got from Igui (now X-Pools) in Bucerias/Flamingos. Three months after they put in our pool, some tiles fell off because of their shoddy work. And guess what? They had the nerve to charge us for fixing it! Plus, they claim on their Igui/X-Pools Facebook page that it only took them a week to install our pool. Yeah right! They conveniently forgot to mention the agonizing 4.5-month wait we had to endure before we could even take a dip. AND they had all of their money upfront.

But it doesn't stop there. Instead of stepping up their game, they're busy trying to hide bad reviews. Come on, guys, how about focusing on improving your service instead?

And get this: they've changed their name from Igui to X-Pools but is probably not going to help them escape all the negative feedback. And it turns out, they sold us an old engine model that's been discontinued. No wonder our salt generator conked out after a few months (2,000+ USD for this "upgrade"), and now there's nobody around to fix it. And all those pool problems we've been having? Yeah, most could've been solved if they bothered to install a simple bottom drain. How about the manuals that were promised that not even your Igui "techs" have seen? And the engine they gave us, it is great for a hot tub. My pool is 15,000 liters!

Oh, and don't even get me started on their prices! Five and a half thousand Pesos for ONE filter? Seriously? That's highway robbery compared to what you'd pay in the States (50-75 USD). What a ripoff! Should've just built a brand-new pool from scratch. We solved this by getting a full-sized pool filter, with diatomaceous earth, for LESS than 2 of their tiny expensive filters.

And here's another gem: there's no drain in our Igui pool! Can you believe it? And to top it off, the installer placed the jets right next to the skimmer, showing a stunning lack of competence. I even tried putting grass in the pool to see how quickly it would get sucked into the skimmer. Want to take a guess? Thirty minutes later, it was still lazily floating around. We have a pool guy twice a week because we need to get the pool vacuumed - no drains will do that.

And let's not forget the joy of being sold a discontinued model. It's like they were playing some kind of twisted joke on us. We've called for service countless times, but nope, our system is apparently ancient history.

But wait, there's more! I explicitly told them I wanted everything, but later the salesman had the audacity to tell me I didn't need it. Talk about infuriating!

Final Thoughts!

These Igui - X-Pools guys were a disaster from start to finish, and it looks like they're not planning on changing anytime soon. My advice? Save yourself the headache and build your own pool. It might cost just a bit more (or not) upfront, but trust me, it'll be a bargain compared to the nightmare we've been dealing with.